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Media Grid – Overlay Manager add-on is a WordPress extension that allows you to simply and intuitively implement a series of advanced features on any type of image gallery. Installing this add-on is extremely simple and can be done directly from the website admin panel. Once installed, Overlay Manager will allow you to add a variety of transition effects to your images, such as fading, sliding, fading and blur.

With this tool, you can customize every aspect of your image galleries, from the style and position of the image description to the types of effects you want to use. Additionally, Overlay Manager allows you to manage how images are displayed on the page, allowing you to create a variety of alternative views, such as thumbnails or full-size images.

The configuration of Overlay Manager is very simple and intuitive, thanks to the use of a series of customization parameters that allow you to adjust every aspect of the image galleries. One of the main advantages of this add-on is its flexibility, which allows you to customize the display of images in an extremely detailed way, until it perfectly adapts to the needs of your website and your preferred aesthetic.

One of the main features of Overlay Manager is the ability to use text overlays, which allow you to create detailed descriptions for each image in your gallery. Using an extremely intuitive editor, you can customize every aspect of your text overlays, from font style to text alignment and size.

Overlay Manager also comes with a number of ready-to-use transition effects, such as fading, sliding and blurring. Thanks to their flexibility, these effects can be used in many different ways, depending on the effect you want to achieve and the type of gallery you are creating.

In addition to text overlays and transition effects, Overlay Manager can manage how images are displayed on the page. Using a set of pre-defined templates, you can create a number of different layouts for displaying images, such as lists, grids and mosaics. In this way, it is possible to create different aesthetes, from the most formal to the most casual, depending on the tone of the website.

Ultimately, Media Grid – Overlay Manager add-on represents an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for any web designer working on WordPress. Thanks to the many features offered, you can create image galleries that perfectly suit your needs and the tone of your website, resulting in a unique and engaging browsing experience for all visitors.

1. What is Overlay Manager?
Overlay Manager is an addon for the Media Grid plugin that allows you to create and manage unlimited overlays for your elements.

2. What elements can I use to create overlays?
You can use many elements such as full-width layers, icons, shapes, angled layers, text blocks, image effects and much more to create overlays.

3. Can I use item descriptions within overlays?
Yes, you can use item descriptions directly within grid elements without worrying about length, HTML, or shortcodes. Overlay Manager's auto-shortener script takes care of fitting everything in accordance with the element sizes.

4. Can I use WooCommerce product prices as placeholders within overlays?
Yes, Overlay Manager allows you to easily display WooCommerce product prices.

5. Can I customize the overlays?
Yes, Overlay Manager offers fifteen ready-to-use overlay presets, which can be customized to your needs.

6. How can I use overlays?
You can use a different overlay for each grid directly via the Media Grid shortcode dialog.

7. Are there any shortcodes and placeholders I can use with Overlay Manager?
Yes, Overlay Manager offers three new shortcodes for grid elements and various placeholders to show the author, date or price of WooCommerce products.

8. Are there any automatic updates for Overlay Manager?
Yes, you can update Overlay Manager directly from WordPress without having to perform a manual update.

9. Where can I find online documentation for Overlay Manager?
You can find the online documentation for Overlay Manager at

10. Is there a bundle package for Media Grid?
Yes, there is a bundle package for Media Grid that includes Overlay Manager and other addons. You can find it on

11. Where can I find the changelog for Overlay Manager?
You can find the changelog for Overlay Manager at

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